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Anna gaha with students

Since her first companions gathered with Mary Ward in 1609, her vision has inspired women from every continent to join together to serve where “the need is greatest” across 45 countries. Today the two branches, Congregation of Jesus and IBVM-Loreto, work increasingly closely together, educating women so that they might live creatively their particular call from God and contribute to a better world.

Mary wardMary Ward

Mary Ward was a woman who broke new ground in the Church and world by her conviction that women, drawn by God to a religious congregation, could also work to better the lives of those women and men around them.


Mary Gonzaga BarryLoreto in Australia

Discover how Mary Ward’s vision was transplanted to Australia.  

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Anna Gaha ibvm with Preps at St Peter & Paul's 1960s
Mary Ward © Geistliches Zentrum Maria Ward Augsburg, Foto Tanner, Nesselwang.
Mother Mary Gonzaga Barry

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