Gallery of Historic Photos

These are a selection of the historic photographs from our collection. 
The collection covers the arrival of the Loreto Sisters in Australia and the development of Loreto communities and schools around Australia and beyond. 
Enquiries about photographs held in our collection are welcome.

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Pioneer Sisters 1903
First Pupils of Mary's Mount 1876
Mary's Mount Children of Mary 1877
Mother Gonzaga Barry
Mother Gonzaga Barry at her desk
Novitiate 1887
Sisters of Randwick 1901
Entrance Gates 1885
Original Wynne House
Corridor Classroom and Museum 1899
Cooking Class 1898
Recreation Dancing in the Study Hall 1899
Countess Elizabeth Wolff-Metternich
Archery Club 1899
Laying of Bricks for Loreto Chapel Sept 1899
Schoolroom with Pupils c1890s
Mary's Mount Front Entrance between 1902 and 1914
Various Occupations at Mary's Mount 1901
Junior Division 1901
Senior Division 1901
Equestrian Lesson 1901
Mary's Mount Orchestra 1903
Art Class 1909
Portland Students and Doll's House
Dawson Street, original house